Life, Reality and Stem Cells – Part 1

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Life, Reality and Stem Cells – Part 1


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Scientist, traveler, woman, writer, spiritual explorer, mother, grandmother, fascinated with the world, appalled by deliberate human ignorance. Website and blogs include:
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4 Responses to Life, Reality and Stem Cells – Part 1

  1. Michael May says:

    Jo Anne, What an excellent réponse to these questions. I highly recommend Jo Anne’s first Blog addressing the subject of “Life, Reality, and Stem Cells” to whoever may be reading this. I appreciate the scientific rigor by which Jo Anne addresses the subject but also the perspective of the grandmother who is sharing the communication. As a scientific human being and grandfather and someone embarking upon a journey of depth I look forward to Jo Anne’s next contribution on “What is Life?” Thank you Jo Anne!

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. I am not an adequately educated member of the scientific community so I can’t really comment other than to say that I enjoyed reading this and learning something from it and am looking forward to what you present in the next post.

  3. cabrogal says:

    I thought this post was let down badly by the last few paras.

    You went from a factual scientific discussion to a unilateral unsupported statement of the definition of what is a human being. If you’d been more formally logical in linking them I would call it a non sequitur.

    We probably pretty much agree with our definition of what a human being is, but the difference is that I recognise it as a cultural convention not a scientific fact. Some cultures would deny the humanity of certain races, others would incorporate companion animals or ‘spirits’ into that definition. Peter Singer would deny the humanity of ‘defective’ babies.

    And of course when you start going down the track so often travelled in the abortion debate you run up against the problem of how many cells it takes to make a ‘human’. Is a six month foetus a ‘developed’ human. A new born? An adolescent? Am I?

    I would love to be able to force a universal convention whereby everyone accepts that you have to be born viable before you are human, but I’m not kidding myself there is any scientific basis to it.

    To call a difference of opinion or cultural outlook a ‘failure of education’ is a triumph of hubris. A big contrast to so much of your other writing.

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